Shit House Rat
Shit House Rat
 Shit House Rat (Spartan Press, KC)  is available from the author for pre-order well before it will hit, Barnes and Noble, etc. You can pre-order a signed, postage paid copy for $15.00 from Dan Crocker, just hit the buy now button to the right. If you'd rather pay another way, please contact us at [email protected]
The Blurbs
Daniel Crocker admits via Shit House Rat poetics . . . divulges struggles with mental illness, & medications. Whatever. His writing is layered, gorgeous, blatant, unapologetic, confessional, startling, creative, & real. Fuck yeah! That's the thing about poets: one doesn't need to meet the poet in order to appreciate the poetry. Thank gawd! Crocker's poems whisper, yell, hoot, & sing like symphonies of confessional secrets!
--Ron Androla, author of Factory Fables and The Sun Spits Light

In his new collection, Crocker explores mental illness with honesty, humility, and humor. From “A Brief Statement From Kurt Cobain’s Gun” to his ode to Lexapro, he shows the complexity of dealing with mental health issues and all the ways people slip further and further away from reality through escapism. In addition, he touches upon contributing factors abuse, sexual shaming, environmental contamination and current events such as Trump’s Presidency. Even though Dan says that “The name of the monster at the end of this book is cancer. It’s addiction, it’s page after page of boredom and self-doubt,” he makes it clear that the monster can be inside anyone, even ourselves. -Rebecca Schumejda, Author of Waiting at the Dead End Diner and Our One-Way Street (NYQ Books, 2017)

A volume of deeply engaging and deeply personal poetry, at turns harrowing and hilarious, nostalgic and haunting, sometimes all at once. More than simply a collection of poems, the book reads like a psychological journey, one that is as unsettling as it is necessary and cathartic –William Taylor Jr., author of So Much is Burning

An Interview With Daniel Crocker: Click the Pic.
Snuffleupagus As Depression
Interviewed by Chase Dimock